How to deal with your emotions?

It is an irony of our mind that every emotion we carry is not fully accepted ,or even really felt. There are emotions that exist in an ‘unprocessed’ form within us.

Under their sway, we can feel a compulsion of need to be busy, afraid to spend any time on our self or stick to activities that ensure we don’t meet what we are afraid of (these may include internet pornography, tracking
news or heavy exercise). A similar type of disdain may occur around the injury. Someone may have misused our trust, made us doubt their mercy or violated our self-esteem.

The injury is somewhere inside, but on the surface, we adopt a brittle good cheer. We get sad about everything because we cannot be sad about anything. We can’t sleep anymore, insomnia is being avenged. We have given up all the ideas to process the day. We need compassion for ourselves.

We avoid processing emotions because what we feel is contrary to our self-image.

We fail to know ourselves not because of laziness or accidental neglect; It just hurts a lot.

Processing emotions requires good friends, philosophical meditations such as philosophical therapy and philosophical moments in which we can have our defenses put aside safely.

The outcome of processing of our emotions is always a deficiency in our overall mood.

But first we have to pay for our self-awareness with a period of mourning in which we gradually accept that life is a lot sadder than we would want it to be.