How to deal with your emotions?

It is an irony of our mind that every emotion we carry is not fully accepted ,or even really felt. There are emotions that exist in an ‘unprocessed’ form within us.

Under their sway, we can feel a compulsion of need to be busy…

What’s wrong with today’s generation?

Hi, I am a final year student from India’s Top Largest Private University (private college ka engineer) , that’s enough about me , now let me tell you What the f*ck is wrong with this generation. This is our generation so called…GENERATION “Z”, Every one of us here has the…

Stop reading if this is not meant for you!

At the heart of the apathetic or nostalgic attitude is the disregard of why things have ever changed ? and it might have necessary to do so. For the nostalgic , the past never requires change or development;

History progressed for…

mage Credit: Horacio Villalobos — Corbis / Contributor / Getty Images

TikTok is becoming one of the hottest social media forums but the CEO of Reddit has had some tough words for the popular app, calling it a “pest” at Wednesday’s event.

Comments from Reddit boss and co-founder Steve Huffman were some of the issues raised during a panel discussion about…

Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO stunned smartphone enthusiasts around the world with its first smartphone — the POCO/Pocophone F1. This barebones flagship killer appeased the users who demanded excellent performance while compromising on other things including display or charging. But after launching the POCO F1 in 2018, the brand went into a…


Geek with a psychological view.

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